VC2000J Transformer for Japan


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VC2000J Step-up/Step-Down Voltage Transformer for Japan


Unlike most other voltage transformers for Japan, PowerBright transformers can be used as either a step up “booster” transformer or a step down “reducer” transformer. This means a PowerBright transformer will work whether you’re bringing a North American 120 volt appliance to Japan, or bringing a 100 volt Japanese appliance to North America. Simply select the input voltage coming from the wall outlet via a jumper on the back of the unit, and plug your appliance into the outlet on the front of the unit which matches your appliance’s required input voltage.

  • Can be used in 110-120 volt countries and 100 volt countries
  • Converts from 100 volts to 110-120 volts (in step up mode)
  • Converts from 110-120 volts to 100 volts (in step down mode)
  • On/Off switch
  • Fuse protected (2 spare 20 amp cartridge fuses included)