KVR 200



KRIËGER 200W Power Converter Steps Down 220V to 110V Allows you to Connect American 110V Devices Overseas KRV200 200 Watt Transformer with 4x USB ports.


• The Krieger KRV200 is a versatile power converter that allows you to connect up to three AC devices with a total of 200 watt capacity, as well as charge 4 items at the same time through the USB output
• When simultaneously charging multiple devices, make sure that its total wattage is less than 200w in order to avoid over-heating or damage
• Please don’t use this power converter to power your hair dryer, hair straightener or curling iron.
• The Krieger 200W travel adapter & power converter is your ideal companion for your international travel.
• Converts overseas voltage from 90-220V to 110-120V and powers up your US electronic device safely.
• Boasts 3 AC outlets and 4 USB charging ports and charges at least 6 devices simultaneously.
• 3 plug adapters included support outlets in North America, United Kingdom, Continental Europe, Australia, Japan, China etc., covering more than 150 countries over the world.